Why Comsos restraunt need to be more autism freindly

Cosmos. One of my favourite restaurants but yet one I rarely eat at.

It is the only place that I have found myself leaving before I was finished eating because of the noise. I’m not talking about people talking. I’m talking about music blasting out of speakers everywhere. Ifor I  (am teenager  with aspergers) find it overwhelming. A child with classic autism would think of it a living nightmare.



my top 3 family films

1. Wonder

This feel good film is about a boy called Auggie Pullman who has facial differences. Uplifting and inspiring. Based on the New York Times best seller.

2. Shaun the Sheep the Movie

This animated family comedy comes from the makers of wallace and gromit and is  bound to make your family laugh. Based on the popular CBBC show

3. Paddington

This laugh out loud special effects comedy  about a talking bear who lives in london brings new life into a well loved story. Based on the Michael Bond books



Wonder (Movie Overveiw)

Wonder is an american Family Drama about a boy called Auggie Pullman (Jacob Tremblay) with Treacher Collins Syndrome (Facial differences)whose parents (Julia Roberts and Owen Wilson) persuade him to go to mainstream school. He makes freinds and ememies along the way. This is my favourite film and is the feel good film of 2017

Wonder Book vs Wonder Film

I watched  the new Wonder Film two days ago and decided to make a comparison project

main differences include:

Homeroom teacher=Ms Petosa in book to Mr Browne in film

Ms Petosa teaches Maths and Homeroom in book to Science in film

Nature retreat Movie = Outdoors in movie to indoors in film

New Dog= Bear in book to none in film

Auggie has a hearing aid in book but not in film

School Photo=whole grade in book to just homeroom class in film